Lottusse AW22: Madrid Open Day

Citrus trees, olive trees, sea breezes, flower bunches, and crafts came together in a magical spot in the center of Madrid, which at times became a dreamy Majorcan patio, full of light and a Mediterranean scent.

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Join the journey at Lottusse

The Film (PART I) Time & Place Credits: Protagonist model: Barbara Sanchez / @imbarbarasanchez Models: Dani Lahoz, Tina Jin, Víctor Ordóñez / @danilahozzc @tinajinn  @vic.or Extras: Aleix Lorente, Gala Prats, Hugo Gonzalez, Sofia LagoProduced by: Mañana / @eldiadespuesdehoy_ Creative direction: Mañana y Miquel Diaz / @eldiadespuesdehoy_ @miquel__diaz Directed by: Miquel Diaz / @miquel__diaz Executive producer: Martí Torrebadella […]

Lottusse llega a Tmal, de Alibaba

Lottusse arrives at the Alibaba Group’s Tmall marketplace

Lottusse lands at the Alibaba Group’s marketplance Tmall 天 猫 marking a milestone in the history of the international trade of Spanish footwear. With the association to the B2C market of the Group, our brand begins to offer the Asian world online, in addition to its renowned artisan footwear made in Mallorca, accessories, bags, and garments of the highest quality.

Temporada otoño invierno

AW21 the design of the subtle

Lottusse takes on a new challenge, creating designs based on the redesign of the classics from comfort. The color and lines recall the fundamental essence of the brand that, from a functional perspective, draws on geometric compositions or architecture and art, pointing out the keys that our products will follow. The most genuine materials The […]