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coleccion primavera verano

Lottusse 2021 Spring/ Summer Collection

This season, Lottusse is committed to timeless and long-lasting products based on intelligent and thoughtful decisions, focused on underlining your personality with an elegant and effortless style.

men's wedding shoes

The best men’s shoes to shine at a wedding

Here are some tips for choosing which shoes to wear to a wedding. Which shoes should you wear to a wedding? It’s a quandary we’ll all have to face at some point. And choosing the best shoes to wear for a wedding isn’t always easy. We often have doubts about whether they’re suitable or formal […]

business casual shoes

Best Business Casual Shoes for Men [2021 Guide]

Sometimes choosing the right footwear can be a complicated task. Here’s a guide with the best business casual shoes!


Sofía Johansson

Sofia Johansson, communicating style

Interview with Sofia Johansson, an expert on style and communications about fashion-related brands.

Biel Huguet

Passions · Damià Huguet

We interview Damià Huguet, a well-known Mallorcan businessman of a brand, like Lottusse, familiar and traditional.

Marisa Aldeguer

Passions · Marisa Aldeguer

Marisa Aldeguer belongs to the seventh generation of a renowned family of master glassmakers.


lottusse golf

What makes Lottusse golf shoes so special?

Our footwear is a unique product in the technical golf world because it is the lightest on the market. Furthermore, the morphology and podiatry of our footwear are backed by over 140 years of masterful craftsmanship.


The History of Shoelace

Wearing Oxfords is elegant, and if we want to wear them properly, we should know how to tie them and which shoelaces go well with them.


The History of Penny Loafers

Do you know the fun story of how Penny Loafers were created?


lace derby shoes

Ways To Lace Shoes – The Derby Shoe

Derby shoes, also known as Bluchers, are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe, although Bluchers for women are also becoming increasingly popular. It is a shoe characterized by its open lacing and the tongue integrated into the shoe’s structure. They are a little less formal than Oxfords, but are still perfect to wear with a […]

golf shoes

Best golf shoes for beginners

We could say that golf is one of the most elegant sports, and so is the clothing associated with this activity. Although it is not strictly necessary to play, golf has a very particular etiquette. If you go to a golf course, you will notice that no one is dressed in any ordinary way and […]

Nuestra selección

Inside look: Discover our favourites

Nobody knows the product better than the Lottusse team. Every day we advise our customers to help them choose the footwear, bag, garment or leather item that goes perfectly with what they are looking for. It’s only natural, however, to be partial to a particular leather product.  Aspects to consider There are boundless things to […]

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