Heliodoro Ruiz Jubilaciones Lottusse

A family melody

Transmitting the value of effort has been the job in which Helio put the most effort, but he was not alone in this task. It was together with his life partner, Manoli, and later with his son Francisco Miguel, that he carried out a meticulous task of learning and refining within the Lottusse factory.

Jubilados Lottusse

The short story of a lifetime

Their voices walk slowly, letting the years pass through each word. But a universe full of history is still drawn in them, part of it guided by the milestones that have made Lottusse the brand we know today. The smiles of Tomeu Prats, Production Manager; and Tomeu Marqués, in charge of quality control, still allow […]

4. Lorenzo y Antonio, hijos del fundador, colocando la primera piedra de la fábrica

Inca, the city of leather

The voice of Juan Antonio Fluxá, current director of Lottusse 1877, is the living harmony of the whole story. His gaze comes from the fourth generation of a legacy of leather passionates, who already in the 15th century formed the foundations of what would be the first Balearic shoemakers’ guild, relying on small artisan workshops.


Wats: The dog who taught us to walk

Within the walls of Lottusse’s headquarters, many of us still remember with certainty the traces of Wats’ passage through our brand. Perhaps, it was the warmth of his eyes full of mischief, or perhaps that air of maximum comfort with one of our star products. The truth is that the dog that starred in one […]