Lottusse llega a Tmal, de Alibaba

Lottusse arrives at the Alibaba Group’s Tmall marketplace

Lottusse lands at the Alibaba Group’s marketplance Tmall 天 猫 marking a milestone in the history of the international trade of Spanish footwear. With the association to the B2C market of the Group, our brand begins to offer the Asian world online, in addition to its renowned artisan footwear made in Mallorca, accessories, bags, and garments of the highest quality.

Toni Arenas Lottusse

Stories of our brand: Toni Arenas

As it happens in human skin, the animal also has imperfections, but for Toni Arenas “on the skin, the wrinkle is always beautiful.” He has been with us for more than 40 years and still maintains the energy and magnetism that has allowed him to develop an impeccable professional career, succeeding that of his father José Arena, a former employee of the brand who he visited in our factory.

Temporada otoño invierno

AW21 the design of the subtle

Lottusse takes on a new challenge, creating designs based on the redesign of the classics from comfort. The color and lines recall the fundamental essence of the brand that, from a functional perspective, draws on geometric compositions or architecture and art, pointing out the keys that our products will follow. The most genuine materials The […]

Takashi Matsuo ceramista

Takashi Matsuo: amazing Marine Inspired Collections

The quality of Takashi Matsuo’s pieces is reminiscent of his origins in the Japanese province of Nara. An inland town in Japan where his admiration for the sea, the shape, the color, and the textures within it would begin to grow. His current workshop in Valencia is full of fish dressed in dancing tones. It is not surprising, therefore, that under that familiar setting, he creates unique pieces of a Mediterranean character.