Women's leather Oxford shoes:
elegance and comfort

Oxford shoes have been a synonym of elegance since the 19th century. Although they emerged in men's wardrobes, they are now a must-have for many women. Although they are usually flat and of discreet colors, combining them can be a challenge. This article will help you incorporate them into your outfits.

‘Total Dark’ 

No wardrobe is complete without black, dark gray, or brown. Combine your leather leggings or classic black pants with dark Oxford shoes for a perfect look in autumn/winter.

always combinable

Combine a skirt with Oxford shoes to show off a versatile look that adapts to both casual and formal occasions. Choose a straight skirt for serious environments or a more flowing or leather one for an original and youthful outfit.

Wear your
favorite dress

Oxford shoes can also be part of any woman's summer outfits. Long dark dresses with floral details look great. Combine them with the color that best suits your dress!


Jeans are casual, but you can give them a chic touch by combining them with Oxford shoes. They look good with skinny, flared, and cropped jeans. Did you think Oxford shoes were only for formal environments? Dare to try them!

Women's leather Oxford shoes: elegance and comfort.

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