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The A2552 Premium is one of our most exclusive Lottusse Classics. This Norwegian Blucher shoe has been handcrafted under the Goodyear welted system. The finest cowhide leather has been hand dyed in dark brown, especially for this model. Thanks to the leather outsole, it is a very breathable and light shoe. Norwegian Bluchers are well-known for the sew dividing the toe box.

Goodyear welted Norwegian Derby

The Goodyear welted stitching ensures that each A2552 Premium is unique. This technique involves more than 60 craftsmen that work up to 4 days to get a premium handcrafted pair of A2552 Premium. Each pair of shoes go through more than 120 handcrafted phases from beginning to end.

Hand-dyed with Lottusse’s exclusive Touche technique

Your A2831 Premium pair of shoes have been hand dyed by our artisans using our exclusive Touche technique. The process starts selecting the finest cowhide leather. Instead of drum-dyeing the leather, we obtain crust leather, which is completely aniline and porous. The hand dyeing process consists of three different phases of dyeing carried out by three different artisans.

About Norwegian Blucher shoes

The main feature of the Blucher shoes is the sew dividing the toe box, which provides a robust character to the shoe. They are more informal classic shoes and perfect for more casual occasions and as business shoes.

The history of this model is linked to Norwegian fishermen. During the off-season, fishermen used to craft shoes and, due to their jobs, their main goal was to create a water proof shoe. Both the design of the instep, which resembles the construction of a moccasin, and the design of the toecap respond to that need.

How to identify a Norwegian Blucher?

Looking it from a side, a Norwegian Blucher might look like a simple Blucher. However, looking at it from upwards or the front we can see the particular design that makes it unique. The moccasin-like instep and its divided toecap are its main characteristics.

Norwegian Blucher Style Guide: How to wear them?

The Norwegian Blucher is a very versatile type of shoe. Its design is classic yet slightly casual makes it perfect for events such as weddings or business meetings. In the table below, you will find different scenarios and whether to find your Norwegian Blucher shoes suitable or not:



Beach or pool


Very casual events outside


Semi-casual Events


Business Casual


Night Date




Formal Business





On behalf of Lottusse, we would like to offer you some practical advice on the best way to care for the leather item that you are viewing. When caring for your shoes, we recommend following the steps below: If possible, place a shoe tree in each shoe and clean the surface with a dry cotton cloth, using our small brush to clean the areas that the cloth cannot reach. Next, apply our Lottusse moisturising cream in circles with a cotton cloth. Allow the leather to absorb the cream for at least 30 minutes. Finally, brush the surface to remove any excess cream and polish. Keep in mind that for hand-dyed leathers, the first few times that cream is applied it may remove the colour slightly. This is normal and does not harm the leather.

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The period for making any return is 14 calendar days from the receipt date of the order, provided that it is not a tailor-made product.

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