The Walton · Modernising Goodyear

The Walton · Modernising Goodyear

The Walton · Modernising Goodyear

Hands, neat and tidy, humour and love. The colour of the sheets and the neckline of your shirt. The conversation. The way you hurry, your manners, your tastes. The nape of your neck, your smile and smell. The way you travel, sleep and say no. Your little habits, gestures and intentions. But, most of all, YOUR SHOES.

Many things define a person, but nothing says more about you than your shoes.

Atticus Finch, the fair and thoughtful man with the airs and style of yesteryear once said, ‘you never really understand a person until you see things from their point of view (…) Until you put on their shoes and walk in them’.
He was right.

Shoes matter. They matter from the foot to the soul, as Benedetti would say. Shoes talk.

They talk about you, about themselves and the path that the walker is on when it comes to moving, thinking and living. Shoes are excellence and good taste. Their shape, character and seal back up the rest of the details that make up a person’s essence. Your essence.


Lottusse dresses the feet of both men and women. It dresses them to walk, triumph, evolve and revolutionise. It dresses them throughout the years and the eras. It dresses them so that they live well and to the fullest.

Back in the eighties and nineties, business people were dressed in classic cuts in black. Always the same shoe, always the same sensation. The highest levels donned dark colours, were straight-laced, shiny, rigid and immaculate, a surefire guarantee that working was at odds with living.

Something changed with the shoes in the Walton line.

The hands of Lottusse artisans, tanned in hundreds of battles, controlled their pulses and their impulses for the most complex of operations. One hundred and twenty hands that managed to redefine, update and renew the Goodyear system. One hundred and twenty hands capable of chiselling out an icon.

One hundred and twenty operations that assembled the cut, template, frames and sole into one single body, a creation that is flexible, kind, comfortable and on-trend. One hundred and twenty geniuses to reinvent a style and a way of life.

Meticulous, brave work that succeeds in changing concepts, habits and ideas. The Walton shoe breaks the moulds, blueprints and conventions so that Goodyear shoes make flexibility and comfort their trademark, and reflect a more informal, colourful and liberated society that is much more self-assured. Men and women who are ready to make comfort and style their motto, without sacrificing anything in return; the classic sport style as a declaration of love and intentions.

Shoes create the footprints that we leave over the course of our lives and when all is said and done, that is what remains of us when we’re no longer here.

Many walk, but very few leave a footprint.


Text: Marta Pérez

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