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  • SS01341
    COLLECTION SS01341-001
    • Material: Velour leather (goat) with a fine velvet look. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause some degree of discoloration.
    • Decorative element: 3D printing piece. The earthy effect of the piece is achieved thanks to a finish made with recycled elements that include clay powder and natural stone.
    • Sole: Rustic natural sole made with sanded leather.
    • Heel height: 55mm.
    • Heel design details: Red placket simulating the artists signature.
    • Heel material: Wood, sandblasted effect, treated with matte powders.
    • Colour: Topo.

    Leather cleaning and care:

    • Gently brush the leather in the opposite direction to the grain.
    • Next, use our rubber brush to eliminate any dirt that may have stuck to the surface (without applying too much pressure).
    • Moisten a soft, natural sponge and apply the Lottusse shampoo to it. Make gentle, circular movements with the sponge on the surface.
    • Leave to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes.
    • Brush the leather in the opposite direction to the grain.
    • We also recommend applying polish to enhance protection and durability.

    Additional Information:
    Prolonged exposure of the leather to direct sunlight can cause some degree discoloration.

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